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The Go Race /Gas Gas USA team consisted of four VCHSS riders, two riders from N.C. along with a two man support crew. The team finished the 24 hr. race in 5th place in the Elite Pro class and 9th place overall. They kept their Gas Gas 300 alive for 46 laps (506 miles) and finished ahead of a team from Yamaha with Jason Raines and a Kawasaki factory team. 1st place went to Team KTM with 6 riders including Russell Bobbitt, Mike Brown.

GO Race /Gas Gas USA team riders were Tim Henion, Brandon Bolling, Travis Jones, Nathan Jones, Jason Baldwin and Chris Gosslin. The pit support crew were Seth Odell, and myself, Bob Jones. Nathan Jennings was the man behind the camera providing us with all the videography for the event as well as the helmet audio systems. Also there for support and to cheer the team on were Stephanie, Molly & Tammy.

Brandon Bolling ended up with the fastest lap in the nighttime with Lights. Members from the factory KTM were asking us questions like who was that rider, and how old is he? We told them his name and said he was 17 yrs. old. There response was "well that explains it". The course was 11 miles long including a full size MX track. Brandon was clearing the 100ft triple jump at night with lights! Needless to say I think he got everyones attention.

The weekend took an amazing amount of preparation and dedication on the part of the riders and support crew. The Gas Gas 300 held up very well as expected and ran like a top. Thru out the race we did have several unexpected issues with our suspension, lighting problems and flat tires that resulted in some unplanned and lengthy pit stops. It was extremely hard work on every-ones part but was exciting and rewarding every moment. Hopefull we will be back in 2010!

Special thanks to Gas Gas USA and the several sponsors that made this possible.
Tucker Rocky, MSR, Monster Energy, Smith Goggles, PG Graphics, Go Fasters, Recluse, Liquid performance, Kenda Tires, Amsoil, Castrol

Believe it or not we had a Bib moose go flat on the front tire. After 22hrs of pounding it was so soft that it felt like it was flat. We replaced the whole wheel assembly only to have that tire go flat on the last lap.

Just before it got dark we decided to do a routine pit stop with an oil change. The hot oil burned my fingers which caused me to drop the drain plug. Someone then stepped on it and accidentally kicked it. After what seemed like eternity we finally found it about 10 ft away in a gravel road.

The schrader cap and all the nitrogen on the shock reservoir mysteriously went missing at the start of the race which caused the shock to start leaking fluid. We ended up having a very long pit stop to swap out the shock not long after the start of the race.

On top of all that, our riders complained that the headlight would go out for a split second whenever they hit a big bump. I'm still not sure what was wrong with that.

This was our first attempt at a race like this and obviously we left plenty of room for improvement. Hopefully we'll get another shot at it next year.

I guess you could say we had our share of gremlins, but so did just about everybody else. The Yamaha Team beside us had been running in third place when there hub broke on the rear wheel. They had to be towed back to the pits for repairs. Then on the next to last lap there engine locked up. The Kawasaki team had a clutch fly apart on there 450. The Factory KTM Team had major problems with their lights. After they replaced every part in the system they still had the light go completely out and had to be towed in a second time.

That all added to the excitement of the whole event. Most of the teams had a spare bike they could rob parts off of as needed. We saw several smashed pipes and broken radiators and several light problems all night long. I will say this about our young group of riders, not one of them crashed or broke anything. They each clicked off consistent lap times like clockwork.

The atmosphere in the pits was pretty laid back everyone seemed friendly to talk to.

Check out more photos of the event here... CLICK

The helmet cam video and the race video are now ready, visit the video page to check it out!!



Here we to!! The team is heading out to Alabama, we should all
meet up at the track by tomorrow lunch to chat and prep.
The team collectively has eaten about 47 pounds of pasta
and has downed 81 gallons of water this week in preparation.
(Just Kidding)

Now its show time, GORACEGASGAS!!

More testing took place on the bike today. Hours of night testing
proved the lighting system from TrailTech is intact, solid and
working like a champ.

A new video has been uploaded on the video page. Check it out!

Today we performed our first round of night testing on the new
Gas Gas 300. The helmet light was provided by TrailTech and it
worked awesome. More night testing will be taking place on Friday
and Saturday.
New Video! There is a new video uploaded on the video page of
the bikes arrival and the first test session, check it out!
Part of the team was busy racing today, the other part was busy
testing the new race bike and getting the settings just right.
Team conference call took place tonight. All team members
were discussing there responsibilities as well as putting
together strategy for the race.
The race bike arrived today from Gas Gas N. America. Travis at
GoRace was busy uncrating the bike and starting the prep!!
The team riders were all racing and training in both NC and VA this
weekend. The team all met by phone on Friday evening to discuss
strategy and member duties.

This upcoming weekend will mark the first team test on the new
race bike. The night training will also continue this weekend.
Monster Energy is the new official "fuel" for the Go Race Gas Gas
Team!! Be sure to check them out on the sponsors page!

We have also loaded some photos and information on Team
member Tim Henion and Nathan Jones, check out the
team page and photo gallery!
Smith Optics just signs on as a Go Race Gas Gas sponsor..
The team will be running the event with the Smith Fuel Sweat X
model goggles..

Also, some new rider photos have been posted in the photo

The preparation continues...

Its official, the "GORACEGASGAS" 6 man team has been formed
to compete in this years Perry Mountain's 24 hour challenge held
in Maplesville, AL.

The Team consists of...

-Travis Jones of Blacksburg, VA
-Nathan Jones of Blacksburg, VA
-Brandon Bolling of Powatan, VA
-Tim Henion of Rocky Mount, VA
-Jason Baldwin of Asheboro, NC
-Chris Gosselin of Asheboro, NC

The Team will be riding a 2008 300 Gas Gas prepared
by Go-Race Inc.

This site will keep you up to date on the team's progress
before, during and after the 2009 24 Hour Challenge.

The team is heavily sponsored by some of our sports
finest, be sure to check them all out as they are the
ones who make this all possible.