team formation  
  In 2008 Travis Jones was asked to ride on a Gas Gas 24 hour team by GoFasters. It was an awesome experience that he wished to do again and improve on. Travis then approached Gas Gas USA about putting together a 2009 24 hour team... They said yes, so Travis started to assemble the group... here we are!  
  team riders  
  Travis Jones   Travis Jones - Team organizer and sponsor

One of his number one passions in life is riding dirt bikes. He has been riding since age 5 and never stopped. Currently competes in the Expert A class in the Virginia Championship hare scramble series.  He has turned his passion into a Career creating Go Race Inc. Suspension specialist.  Off road and on road suspension custom tuning. He also is a dealer of Gas Gas motorcycles.

  Nathan Jones   Nathan Jones

Nathan has been racing dirtbikes since he was 6 years old. He has grown up racing in the VCHSS series and in 2007 won the 200 - A campionship. He currently competes in the Expert - A class along side his brother Travis Jones (above). Nathan has competed in GNCC's and also a few National Enduros. 
  Brandon Bolling   Brandon Bolling

Brandon, the youngest team member, winner of 4 Virginia Championships, who now races in the AA class, definitely has been bitten by the racing bug.  Although mainly a Virginia Hare Scramble racer, he ventures to the GNCCs and National Enduros, and now to a 24 hour race.  He is very determined and passionate about racing and adds a video recording dimension to racing.  He has produced several dirt bike videos, hoping to always stay connected to dirt bike racing.

  Tim Henion   Tim Henion

A long time motorcycle enthusiast, Tim is an accomplished off-road racer.  His efforts have secured him the 2007 Open A National Enduro Championship as well as the 2004 250 A VXCS championship.  He has competed in the Perry Mountain 24 Hour Challenge twice, first in 2005 and again in 2007 where he rode solo in the Ironman class finishing second overall.  He currently races select National Enduros and rides AA in the VCHSS and VXCS.
  jason baldwin   Jason Baldwin

Jason has ridden and raced just about every form of motorcycle there is. He has a ton of experience and several championships in Super-Moto, Motocross, Enduro and Hare Scrambles.

Jason is a high profile guy who knows just about everybody. He trains hard, works hard and rides every chance he gets.
  chris gosselin   Chris Gosselin
Started racing in 2001 after watching a friend compete in a local Hare Scramble Event. Currently competes in the AA class in the NCHSA in which he has taken home 4 second place year end overalls in several different classes.

Chris has competed in the GNCC series as well as SETRA Hare Scrambles, SETRA Enduro, VCHSS, VXCS, Mideast and the NCHSA.

Chris usually competes in over 30 events per year and is the owner/designer/operator of the popular p2profile site where he specializes in rider and team websites.